5 Reasons to Live in Different Places While Studying

The best thing about studying abroad (or in your own country) is the opportunity to try new things and explore.

Why get rooted down into one place?

At Student Mundial, we believe that new experiences are best had when traveling around your newly adopted city.

If you’re planning on staying after the current term, you should consider all your living options before rebooking or extending a rental contract!

Here’s our list of 5 Reasons to Live in Different Places While Studying:

1) See more of the city

There’s no better way to see the city than to move around it.

Once you’ve experienced the local delights of one area, check out what the other side of the city has to offer.

There’s hundreds of coffee shops, bars and restaurants waiting to be discovered – put them on your doorstep…

2) Meet more people

Expand your friendship group by meeting new people in new buildings.

Whether they’re your neighbours or roommates, form new friendships with people you may never have met without moving.

After all, meeting people is what university is all about…

3) Try different styles of living

An apartment. A house share. A studio.

The amount of different accommodation types is endless!

University is the perfect chance to experiment with your accommodation and work out what sort of place you’d like to live in post-study.

4) Get more for your money

Once you’ve worked out the sort of accommodation you like, you understand what is (or isn’t) important to you.

Some accommodation may boast incredible facilities, however if you don’t use them then they can add up to unnecessary rent.

Make informed choices and get more for your money by choosing a place to live based on what is ‘homely’ to you.

5) Don’t get bored

The final (and most important) point on our list. Don’t get bored.

The last thing you want while at university is the feeling of boredom in either your studies, social life or accommodation.

Change up your location and style of living to stay excited at the prospect of somewhere new each term!

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