8 Student House Hunting Tips For the UK

Now is the time to start searching for your student accommodation if you’re studying in the UK for the next academic year. How to go about finding the right house or apartment varies from country to country, and that’s why we’ve chosen to focus this article on how to do it specifically in the UK. Here’s a checklist of what to think of. Good luck finding your perfect place!

1. Get the right group together – You don’t need me to tell you who your friends are. Just don’t feel like you have to please everyone and agree to live with them and then end up saying yes to 3 different sets of groups! On the other hand, don’t be a push-over and agree to live with that really annoying guy in your halls who thinks he’s everyone’s best mate – unless he actually is your best mate ;)

2. Discuss ideal location – Who’s studying where? Ideally you’re all on the same campus, then no one has to make sacrifices. Unless someone’s campus is out in the sticks and they’re happy to live with the rest of you in the city centre (e.g. Nottingham Trent city vs Clifton campus!).

3. Get an idea of everyone’s budget and expectations – Not everyone has a specific budget, so get out there and see a few places to get an idea of the average price. If someone is on a tighter budget than the rest of the group, don’t split up the group just yet, there might be a house with that one single room that no one really wants. Well, your pal looking to spend £50 per week might be in luck!

4. Start looking at listings online and share them with the group – See what is out there and get sharing with the group. Who’s into it and who’s not. Don’t rush into a decision until everyone is happy, unless you see a real gem and don’t want to lose it. Book it and the guys can thank you later!

5. Ask the current tenants about the place – If you visit the house and meet the guys living there, ask them what the place is like! How’s the landlord, what’s the area like, is the heating working ok?! If you’re not able to physically visit, read the online reviews.

Student Review of apartment.

Reviews like this one written by one of the previous tenants helps you get a good idea of how the place actually is.

6. Don’t panic if someone drops out – Group numbers change all the time. Someone failed their year and drops out of uni, someone is missing their girlfriend too much and moves back home! Things happen, you gotta roll with it. If you’re all set on the house, just post on the discussion section that you’re looking for a ‘5th’ housemate and soon enough you’ll get a replacement.

7. Get your shit together – Make sure everyone pays and gets whatever forms they need to over to the landlord when he asks for them. Some landlords can be really fussy about deadlines with application forms or deposit payments. Make sure that the whole group is up to speed. You don’t want to lose that perfect house because someone forgot to send their forms in.

8. Move in, pick the best room and enjoy :) 

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