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Music and London is a great love story. Led Zeppelin, Eric Clapton, the Rolling Stones, David Bowie, all marked the history of music, and all made their first steps in music in London. The city evolved with the rhythm of that music from various origins. Today, the British electronic scene is one of the most legendary and accurate in the world, and it is in London that DJs are practising their sets. In mythical clubs such as the Fabric or the Village Underground. It seems impossible to go inside these temples of electronic music without wanting to come back, again and again.

A new approach with ShowMango

Perhaps the idea of the Londoner start-up ShowMango is born from this observation. In fact, ShowMango launches a new type of subscriptions: for £ 25 per month, you are offered access to all concerts, clubs, and festivals partners of the company. Because currently the love of live concerts is great. The experience of music with a screwed headphones on is no longer – if it has been once – sufficient understanding of music and its interpretation. Live music is coming to its contact, touch, look, feel and listen. Music has a power that we cannot only feel by listening with our phone in the subway. Attending a set in one of the dens of the electronic music in London is a real experience: see the artist, lights, crowds, meetings, feeling the bass that we raising yourself, treble intriguing, close your eyes and then reopen them. ShowMango launches project at a time when the way to listen music is transformed, because if we listen to music, lots of music, we also want to live it.

Live the music

ShowMango offers us to experience music for £ 25 per month, opening the doors to concerts and clubs in London. I personally think that this concept is terribly intelligent. With the Internet, the music experience has been significantly transformed. Listen to what we want, when we want has become easy, almost normal. Maybe this has removed us for a moment of desire to attend concerts, sets, festivals, because it is easier to stay in bed. But a bed is boring, sensations flee, boredom comes running. And I believe that this opportunity to listen to music from all backgrounds and all ages thanks to the Internet is a real chance to expand musical culture, and I think that this opportunity has increased tenfold our desire of concerts. Democratizing the listening of music on the Internet, our desire to live music has been significantly developed.

 Be a part of it

Spotify, Deezer, YouTube, Souncloud, all participated in this democratization. ShowMango now proposes to democratize live, opening the doors of the greatest music places in London, thanks to a subscription at a low price. If the idea seems simple, it fits perfectly in the era of time, and is expected soon to have a great success: there are many cities that can offer this type of subscription to a public that continues to expand.

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