Budgeting whilst out travelling abroad

You don’t need to rely on a hefty amount of family money to go travelling, and many people do embark on a successful gap year experience without a great deal of money in their bank accounts. You’re more likely to acquire skills that you’ll be able to use for the rest of your life if you choose to earn money whilst you’re abroad, and what’s more is that working will give you opportunities to meet people from all walks of life. Working whilst travelling can have a wonderful influence on your personal growth.

Get the right paperwork

You’ll need to work out whether you’ll be allowed to work in the country you’re going to. UK Nationals don’t need work permits to work in EU member states, but you may require a work and residence permit to make money as you travel through other countries. Do you know anyone who has worked whilst travelling? Why not ask them if they can pass on any tips to you? The more research you do beforehand, the better. It’s vital that you read up on staying safe too – each country has its own specific set of dangers, so find out what the pitfalls are before you go.

Make money from your skills

Travelling can help you turn your skills into cash. Whether you have musical skills, are willing to teach English or can cut hair convincingly, you shouldn’t find it too difficult to raise cash whilst out on your travels. You could even make money by documenting your experience via blogging, vlogging and photography. An increasing amount of people are sending their photographic work to stock image sites and getting a generous cut of sales.

Get cheaper accommodation

Maybe you could make money from becoming an au pair or house-sitting? Both of these options can help you cut down on accommodation costs. Avoid to agency and stop paying booking fees check out the free student accommodation platform. You’re likely to get much more out of the experience if you make your own money instead of relying on family cash, and the self-sufficiency skills you learn whilst you’re away from home can serve you well for life.

Find opportunities online

There are many reputable websites that will direct you to opportunities for working abroad. If you do decide to look for work before you go, make sure you’re only using trusted sites that only work with trustworthy employers. Working in hotels, bars and restaurants is always a wise move, and by getting your paperwork sorted beforehand, you can get an edge over other candidates who won’t have a work permit or other relevant documentation.

Pass on your wisdom for cash

If you have an in-depth knowledge of the area you’ll be going to, why not consider working as a tour guide? Whilst you should be able to find work via agencies, you may well wish to go it alone and advertise your services independently. Other common forms of travelling work include flower and fruit-picking, which will both allow you to make the most of the great outdoors. Another way of making money whilst avoiding paying for accommodation out of your own pocket is working on a cruise ship. This really will help you see the world and you won’t have to worry about funding a bedroom as accommodation will usually be part of the deal. Opportunities for making money whilst travelling are more varied than you might have thought.


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