The coolest thing in Spain is the lack of bureaucracy when renting an apartment. Just get the contact from your landlord or agent, read it thoroughly, then sign it, and you’re in!

You’ll have to pay the rent at the beginning of each month between the 1st day and 5th day. Make sure you pay on those dates or you will get in trouble, Spanish landlords are very serious about money and payments, they don’t care about excuses.

What the spanish landlords want to know about the tenants is that they are responsible and trustworthy. They’re aware that you are students and that you’ll have parties or be a little bit noisy, but the most important thing is not to bother your neighbours. Causing a disturbance to your neighbours after 22:00 might result in the police knocking at the door with potential fines to pay, so be careful not to upset your neighbours!

Most the landlords prefer full year rental contracts, but you can find a 3-6 month contract, there are even a few landlords that accept monthly contracts. Long term contracts are normally preferred.

The landlord is permitted to keep the deposit during the tenancy. So remember to fully read your contract. Also, keep a copy of the contract signed by both the landlord and yourself.

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