Coimbra Essential Student Guide

Student life in Coimbra, Portugal is full of enriching experiences owing to the city’s historical importance and modern lifestyle practices. Here is a small guide to help you explore the city and to make it easier to find your student housing in Coimbra

Some of the most important student educational institutions of the city Coimbra include;

Student education in Coimbra

University of Coimbra

University of Coimbra, Portugal was founded in the year 1290; this university offers a range of 160 diverse courses for students all over the world. Spanned over 3 campuses, the university has 8 faculties.

Miguel TorgaInstituto of Higher Education (ISMT)

This institute is one of the finest private education set-ups of the city, which was founded over decades before and specializes in 11 courses ranging from social science and business. It offers bachelors and masters degrees in these courses.

Polytechnic Institute of Coimbra

This institute has 6 schools under its administration, which include; Coimbra Institute of Engineering, Coimbra Institute of Accounting and Administration, Coimbra College of Health Technology, Oliveira do Hospital College of Technology and Management and Coimbra College of Education. Here, the courses offered are of a wide range of diverse disciplines and can accommodate students of various educational backgrounds.

Coimbra student university

Student life in Coimbra

Affordable Accommodation

As compared with other parts of the country, Coimbra has a relatively affordable accommodation facility for foreign students. You can easily find decent living space here for as little as €175.

Places to relax in Coimbra

Coimbra has been classified as a world heritage city since June 2013 and there is no shortage of co-curricular activities to be found here. Owing to its rich historical background, Coimbra has a number of art and music festivals that are organized each year. The University of Coimbra itself organizes its own Cultural Week, which is considered a big festival by the people of the city and is worth its while.

Music Festivals

You will find classical and jazz music shows being held in various show rooms, theaters and even gardens. The ones that should not be missed out include;Gil Vicente Academic Theatre, Sereia Garden, Centro de Portugal Pavillion to name a few.

Places to Visit

Coimbra also has a number of monuments that are a must visit because these make the city as popular as it is. One of the most important monuments that you should definitely visit once are;Monastery of Santa Cruz, Monastery of Santa-Clara and Old Cathedral.

Bars and Cafes

Since Coimbra is primarily a university city and students make up a large proportion of its population, there are a number of clubs that hold a great attraction for the young students. Some of these include Mondego Irish Pub, Diligência Bar, The Rocket Planet, BarQuebra etc.

Shopping in Coimbra

You will also find a number well-stocked shopping malls and a great number of sports events happening around Coimbra on a very regular basis. Studying and living in Coimbra can be on the most enriching experiences of your life.

Is Coimbra safe?

As a university city, Coimbra has a very well managed transportation system, excellent accommodation facilities and an impressive healthcare service system. Owing to all these facilities, Coimbra is one of the top choices of students who are pursuing higher education in foreign countries.Coimbra hosts Portugal’s best medical facility and also has a number of smaller pharmacies.

And here we are, I hope this guide has been helpful and has given you what you need to study in Coimbra and find a nice place to live! Feel free to leave us a comment for more information or suggestions about the city :)

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