How to learn Spanish and discover Barcelona at the same time

Have you ever wanted to learn Spanish, but didn’t want to spend long summer hours inside a classroom? We may have found the perfect solution for you!

Recently we came across a very interesting proposal in our city: Spanish classes combined with guided tours through Barcelona.

It’s now possible thanks LANGUAGE TOURS BARCELONA 

Learn spanish and discover Barcelona at the same time!

The LANGUAGE TOURS are Spanish courses at different levels, from beginner to expert, taught by professional guides in the historic center of the capital of Catalonia.

The tours consist of 20 classroom hours distributed in 5 days, plus 2 extra hours the last day. You will also enjoy a farewell meal all together.

What really makes a difference is the way these courses are taught:  2 hours in the classroom + 2 hours in the streets of Barcelona, practicing what you just learnt. So, you won’t only learn a new language but will also discover the history of the city!

How it works?

All courses last one week (from Monday to Friday), except for the highest level ones which are taught at weekends. All courses end with a typical Spanish meal, included in the price, in a restaurant where you can taste traditional cuisine. The groups are small (maximum 10 people), a perfect environment to make friends from different nationalities. 

If you need accommodation, that’s what we’re here for, check the student places in Barcelona!

Start my language trip

To book your Language Tour, visit www.languagetoursbcn. You can also follow them on Facebook and on Twitter to get fresh updates :)

If you are interested in doing more than one course, they offer discounts for booking additional weeks.

Don’t forget to check your level on their online test!

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