Have you heard about Pokemon Go?

If you haven’t heard of Pokemon Go in the past month, where have you been? Everyone is on it trying to catch their favourite Pokemon. So what exactly is it for those of you who don’t know? Pokemon Go is an originally American App which can be downloaded on iPhone and Android. It is a game which shows all your favourite old school Pokemon characters coming to Earth, and gives you the opportunity to catch them.

All you have to do is walk around with your phone and it will vibrate when a Pokemon is near. Some give in easily; others resist capture, and will keep you jabbing at your phone like a loon for a good few minutes, before you maybe give up and actually go on with your commute.

Once you catch your Pokemon, you can go to a ‘Pokemon Gym’ to fight with others. And the rumour has it, these are the best Pokemon Gyms in London:

  • London Eye
  • Fourth Plinth
  • Covent Garden
  • Piccadilly Circus
  • Big Ben
  • Waterloo Station

London Eye

Fourth Plinth

Covent Garden

Piccadilly Circus

Big Ben

Waterloo Station

However, in order to catch Pokemon, you need ‘Pokeballs’, which can be collected at ‘Pokestops’. We found out that these are the best Pokestops in London:

  • Cenotaph
  • Waterloo Bridge
  • Winston Churchill Statue
  • Charlie Chaplin Statue
  • Savoy Hotel


Waterloo Bridge

Winston Churchill statue in Parliament Square

Charlie Chaplin statue in Leicester Square

Savoy Hotel

Some may say that this App is bad, as it leads to young people being even more attached to their phone trying to find the next best Pokemon. However, it is different to all other gaming Apps, as it gets you out the house, and gets you exploring the amazing city of London!

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Majenta Ward

London born, but studied in Nottingham. 20 years old and currently on my placement year with Student Mundial. I love travelling, and took a semester abroad in California, to experience a different type of learning. My hobbies include, baking, ice skating and watching Netflix!

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