Sending money abroad without bank charges

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Once you have found that awesome apartment with very nice flatmates and you have signed on the dotted line on a contract…

Starting your student life in a new country involves taking first steps. Some of them involve fun! (but that is a subject for another post), but most of them can be a nightmare: like finding the best mobile company that suits your needs, looking for the best transport options, dealing with the healthcare system, cooking your own meals and probably the most annoying: budgeting! Things like managing your grant, paying rent, finding the best currency exchange rates and taking care of the money you have saved for this amazing experience can become a headache.

 Best deal in town?

 We know that most banks have thought about students. If you open an account with them they offer student discounts and reduce their fees. But what happens when you need to find the best currency exchange rate in order to transfer money? After a few years of working with a foreign exchange company we’ve finally found a simple and (most importantly) cheap solution!

 The solution!

 What if finding the best currency exchange rate isn’t the point? Transferwise is our new favourite method to send and receive foreign currency. For example, ‘I need to pay 500€ rent to my landlord from my UK bank account,’ simples. Anyway, check it out, you won’t go back to spending £20 in bank charges every time you want to send money to a foreign account.

Always try to look for the transparent services online to avoid surprises with hidden fees. Enjoy your first days, call your new friends with your new number and take your first steps in the city(the fun ones).

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