Student Property Investment Infographic

We’ve got some fresh stats regarding the latest university applications, offers and student housing, some of which are pretty astounding!

Records are being broken left, right and centre, titles are being earned for the most university applications in a year, university acceptances in a year, and the UK has even taken the gold medal for hosting more international students than any other country in the world!

With so many students from the UK and the world looking to add even more diversity to our multicultural regions, it’s an exciting time to be a student, as well as a property investor!

Check out the infographic below (crafted by Aspen Woolf gang) to see why this year is yet another landmark victory for global education and the life of a student!


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French native from the West coast. 24 years old & MBA graduate. Speaking english, spanish and, french, of course. Thinking outside the box, I love challenges & strategic marketing. Also hard practicer of rock climbing, running & US Tv shows are my favourites.

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